ACROSS® is a purpose-built digital energy ecosystem, specifically developed to offer Producers, Consumers and Aggregators a tool to manage complex energy portfolios.

It integrates in one platform all functionalities and tools required in today’s and tomorrow’s energy markets. It is specifically designed to support and provide tools for all stakeholders, starting from production, distribution, energy markets and even clients access.  From technical management all the way to the P&L lines in their budget.  A ready-to-use product, fully customizable, according to the user’s roles needs, developed and designed for simplicity, with its own embedded logic.

ACROSS® is offered as a platform that provides the customer ownership to its data, flexibility to build its operational environment and thus create and safeguard its competitive advantage.


Generation Management Suite

Provides all the logic and tools needed to monitor and manage any kind of power production and storage facility. Pre-defined pages, objects, dashboards and reports offer a single platform to manage both the operational and business aspects of a diverse energy portfolio. The suite encompasses all SCADA capabilities needed and can communicate with any third-party devices.

  • Real-time monitoring of the assets, with interactive diagrams
  • Portfolio and asset overview, through tables, charts and graphs
  • Map view, with the option to drill down to asset level
  • Any type of data and logic can be plotted / designed via code-free design tools
  • Technology-specific overview, to include data in line with user’s needs
  • Real time control with dispatching algorithms and power management functionality.
  • Sophisticated asset management with utilization and efficiency KPIs


Energy Management Suite

This suite offering all needed tools to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of any energy portfolio . It offers powerful algorithms that help producers to manage forecasts, plan production & storage and offer energy to the electrical grid. It essentially links energy management to automation, allowing different energy data to be grouped, buffered and visualized.

  • Production and Demand Energy forecasts incorporating flexible independent variables
  • Scheduling optimization, energy mix control taking into account both physical installations and PPAs
  • Optimal Power Flow, Peak Shaving, Frequency Regulation Management
  • Performance Indices
  • Energy clearance and Reporting


Market Management Suite

An advanced set of tools providing the functionality needed for participating in the energy markets with diverse sources and complex rules. Optimizes price offerings per installation, run customized forecast & reports and generate complex reports. By processing generation quantities and marginal cost per asset, it is the ideal solution to optimize price offerings both at installation and portfolio levels.

  • Energy trading and back-office capabilities
  • Forecasts, to run hedging scenarios
  • Contract management
  • Historical data analysis and trends
  • Energy curves analysis, measurement and optimization


Demand Management Suite

This includes demand response algorithms, resolving the available power equilibrium and determining the offered prices for designated geographical areas, networks, and selected installations. The suite can manage the power balance by controlling the demand side via commands to producers & consumers and other controllable network loads.

  • Demand Management algorithms resolving the power equilibrium of designated geographical areas & networks
  • Helps prevent the risk of brownouts and blackouts
  • Adds flexibility to the grid, to accommodate increasing share of RES
  • Increases grid’s capacity and reserves
  • Keeps costs low during periods of peak demand
  • Automatic management of Balancing market commands.
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