Aggregators aim to undertake the management of several small producers and consumers, acting as a single portfolio and thus as a large market entity. Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a key technology for aggregating thousands of electricity producers, consumers, and storage units. It aims at utilising power diversity and flexibility for optimizing operations and market profits. 

i4 Energy’s ACROSS® Digital Energy Ecosystem provides a unified, coherent environment that covers all operations of an aggregator.  ACROSS® offers real-time monitoring and control of any asset technology, complex management of energy portfolios and advanced trading tools.

ACROSS® is offered as a customer owned platform that ensures data ownership, flexibility to build unique algorithms and operational environment and thus create and safeguard the competitive advantages.

Power Producing Asset Management

Real time control with Advanced energy management, with precise forecasting, sophisticated scheduling algorithms and complex portfolio management tools.  Specific integration logic for PV, Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Hybrid and storage plants provides a coherent tool, resulting in unified portfolio management.

Demand Side Asset Management

Demand forecasting, with sophisticated demand management algorithms, manages in real time portfolios of power consuming assets.  Special logic enables integration of any type of asset, like HVACs, lighting, refrigerator units, thermostats, etc. Real time control of consumer loads for Demand-Supply portfolios

Energy Management

Coherent and unified logic with advanced algorithms for managing complex portfolios of energy production and consumption, including scheduling and dispatching.  Automatic integration with markets, to respond to Demand Response commands and the imbalance market.  Optimization of assets utilization, based on price, contract obligations and other factors.

Market Management

Connection to the energy markets, with live information and automatic balancing integration.  Management of Market portfolios and PPAs.   

Contact management and energy clearance, with net position per asset or per customer.

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