Grid Operators

Grid operators need tools that allow them to manage an increasingly complex network of producers, consumers and prosumers. ACROSS® digital energy ecosystem was designed and developed to provide all needed features for grid operations, including:

Energy management

Real time control with Advanced energy management, with precise forecasting, sophisticated scheduling algorithms and complex portfolio management tools.  Specific integration logic for PV, Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Hybrid and storage plants provides a coherent tool, resulting in unified portfolio management.

Real-time network monitoring

Combined with real-time load management aFRR helps to prevent overloading of lines as electrification progresses. Real-time imbalance estimations, depending on actual wind and solar input per region.

Power Management

With scheduling algorithms that take into account technology type, offered price, contractual obligations and location. Real- time dispatching, with primary and secondary frequency and voltage correction algorithms.

Market features

Provide customers and suppliers integration, transparency, automatic price calculations and clearance of Imbalance, intraday and next day markets.

Demand Response commands

Deployed per grid fractions and customer base, which can be created/ build on behavioural and dynamic DR pricing, including TOU (time of use), CPP (critical peak pricing) and PTR (peak time rebates).

Transparent Information

Real-time access to transparent information in order to increase customer engagement, participation and system integration.

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