Power Producers

Digitalization creates a competitive advantage in the management of large and/or complex power production portfolios. Today’s operations depend on the quality of information provided, the available decision tools and automated execution. 

i4 Energy delivers a state-of-the-art solution that unifies operations from the local power plant control room up to the corporate trading desk under one Digital Energy Ecosystem. Leveraging on Across technology, power producers can obtain:

Real-time monitoring and control

of all assets with advanced dispatching algorithms, automated power balancing, energy mix management and many more

Energy Management & Portfolio Management

Advanced energy management with precise forecasting, sophisticated scheduling algorithms and complex portfolio management tools.  Specific integration logic for PV, Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Hybrid and storage plants provides a coherent tool resulting in unified portfolio management.

Automated integration

Market integration with real-time information and control on production, storage, and trading.  Automated integration for executing balancing commands and optimising profits and asset unitisation.

i4.Energy has solid experience in turn-key energy projects, in all kinds of power plants technology.  We have the know-how to undertake projects on a turn-key basis, providing the engineering, procurement of all field equipment, as well as installation and commissioning. 

ACROSS® is offered as a customer owned platform that ensures data ownership, flexibility to build unique algorithms and operational environment and thus create and safeguard the competitive advantages.

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