Our Services

i4 Energy offers vertically integrated services that aim at providing comprehensive support to our customers in challenging digitalization projects. Our expert engineering team can undertake to assist with the infrastructure analysis, compatibility issues and integration requirements to ensure that any project will run smoothly and deliver the required result.

Our commitment to you is not limited to deploying a state-of-the-art software system but, extends to ensuring the proper functionality of the entire infrastructure.

We ensure the operational quality of our solutions by providing holistic services from our in-house expects, which may include:

Customization & Integration

Deploying a holistic software solution is often a project on its own.  Our engineers and industry experts can assist our clients with several critical tasks, such as:
  • Operational requirements analysis
  • System customization & parameterization
  • Integration with existing systems (ERP, Billing, Trading, CRM, etc.)

Digital Infrastructure Engineering

Ensuring the compatibility and functionality of the existing infrastructure on power producing installations and/or the consumer side is of paramount importance. Our expert engineers have extended experience in all types of infrastructure and can assist our clients with several critical tasks such as:
  • Study for interconnecting physical infrastructures
  • Engineering for necessary interventions on existing sites
  • Specs for compatibility of future systems

Turn-Key Projects

I4.Energy has proven experience in delivering complex, turn-key, digitalization projects. Our teams can offer the complete set of services and the variety of the required expertise to deliver the most demanding project on a turn-key basis.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Engineering for System customization & integration
  • Electrical / automation / IT/ IIOT engineering for infrastructure requirements
  • Procurement services
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Project management
  • Trainings services
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