Our Innovative Technology
At a glance

ACROSS® is a unified latest technology Digital Ecosystem, designed specifically for the energy sector and developed with cutting edge IT technology. It is built from scratch and offers native compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. It is also designed to offer native OT technology compatibility, providing true IT/OT convergence.


ACROSS® is designed and developed for scalability and flexibility. It has a Core system that provides all the needed tools and functionalities to maintain security, performance and compatibility. Additional operational functionality is provided by modules that are added to the Core’s tools for specific logic, relationships and relevant functionality, resulting in a unified digital ecosystem.
Unique architecture design allows selective modules and functions to be integrated as such, providing a cost-effective customization.

Technology Stack

ACROSS® uses latest technology concepts and tools. It is designed to run in containers with Kubernetes overlay. It is also developed to be OS agnostic and DB agnostic, making it extremely flexible to adapt to any customer infrastructure.
Beyond the client server topology, ACROSS® is designed to run in a cloud or on-premise, providing the same reliability and performance. The multi-layer sophisticated design allows ACROSS to be installed as an edge node, as well as a central multi-location system which provides technology normalization.
ACROSS® technology provides:

  • True Real time Operations (ms cycle time in edge node and 1sec refresh in central)
  • 99,99% availability
  • Energy related logic and embedded know-how
  • Native support of existing OT systems
  • Interconnection with existing IT systems via comprehensive API
  • Support for customer-specific development
Tools summary

The ACROSS® Digital Ecosystem Platform provides the tools and services that form the backbone for all hosted applications.


IT & OT Connectivity tools, including but not limited to:

  • ACROSS® real time Message Broker
  • Agnostic DB connectors
  • Ready-to-use “Machine Library”
  • Device driver configurator
  • Cloud Storage Connector


GUI tools

  • Object Designer
  • Page Designer (with Mobile App support) – dynamic & responsive pages
  • Report Generator (with e-mail dispatch and document management).
  • Alerts/ Events Manager (Alerter / Eventer, Viber / email / SMS messenger, RCA investigator)


Functionality tools

  • Visual Coding tool (logic blocks) 
  • Pre-defined object relational mappings
  • Custom data time-sets
  • Data time analysis 
  • KPIs analysis


Support tools

  • Update manager (uninterrupted operational updates)
  • Ticketing management / SLA Management & Reporting
Innovations summary
  • Embedded logic, templates & libraries to ensure that no development skills are needed to set up and maintain.  
  • Pre-built modules with functionality and logic from our 45 years of experience plus Industry Best Known Practices, providing a ready-to-use product.
  • Live updates of new libraries and new field-tested logic options.
  • Minimum configuration costs via automatic generation of most UI functionality, Integral operational logic and reporting.
  • Visual Code Editor (AVCE), allowing non developers to write & run own code.
  • Dynamic data aggregation.
  • Automatic device protocol recognition and connector. 
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, forecasting tools, Pattern Recognition & Optimization, Descriptive Modeling & complete Graphical Environment.
  • Cloud-based and on-premise options.
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