Microgrid & Energy Communities

Microgrids is an ever-growing concept that essentially refers to an independent small energy network or a community with a balanced energy footprint. 

Across Digital Energy Ecosystem offers a complete and unified system that can manage all aspects of a microgrid, resulting to coherent management over the community’s energy balance, with advanced management of production and consumption as well as control over the energy imports and exports. 

Advanced features offer also automatic market management, where excess generation or storage capacity are traded and Demand Response volumes are created under specific condition. An Across microgrid configuration usually consists of the full product range with:

Real-time control

of power production, storage & demand to maintain nominal power quality.

Advanced Energy Management

with production and consumption forecasting and scheduling algorithms for complex portfolios. Import Export PPA management & Storage
planning to ensure adequate energy resources.

Real time Load Management

with sophisticated algorithms that balance ensure consumer loads are in line with the energy plan. Optional Load shedding with self-learning algorithms that ensure unnoticed energy limitations.

Market Management

providing automated integrations to external markets but also the functionality of internal market with automated energy and volume clearance.

i4.Energy with solid experience on turn-key energy projects in isolated grids can undertake any
project size on a turn-key basis.

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